St. Luke’s United Methodist Church, Dubuque

St. Luke’s United Methodist Church in Dubuque reaches out in ministry with Prescott Elementary School. The neighborhood school has been working with area organizations to improve its student achievement. St. Luke’s UMC is one of their business partners that have made visual and performing arts “programs possible at no cost to the students or their families.”

A Matthew 25 grant from the East Central District went to St. Luke’s for neighborhood ministries to Prescott Elementary School. The funds are made possible through apportionment gifts from local churches throughout the Iowa Conference. The grant helped to encourage ministries such as a Saturday meal and praise service, funds for emergency needs of individuals, emergency health kits, transportation and laundry vouchers, health assistance, weather protection items, and garden projects.

The congregation has a mission “to feed souls, grow faith in God, and make a difference in the lives of our congregation, our neighbors, and our world.” They are embodying the vision of the Iowa Conference to respond to God’s call, going “outside of our churches and into our wider communities to build relationships with new people, reaching out especially – as Jesus did – to persons living on the margins of society.”

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