Standing Committee on Parish Development

Demographic resources help congregations and their leaders identify opportunities for outreach. MissionInsite is a Web-based tool dedicated to providing accurate, up-to-date information about every ministry area served in the Iowa Conference.

Sponsored by the Standing Committee on Parish Development and supported with apportionment gifts from local churches, MissionInsite provides instant access to community information. Users can find data for particular zip codes, census tracts, cities, counties or even customized regions using roads, streets and landmarks near the church.

MissionInsite provides both current figures and projections for the population, households and families in the study area, as well as age, income, ethnicity, religious values and more. Several styles of reports can be generated on the Web site to present data as graphs and maps with accompanying text descriptions and analysis. United States census and American Community Survey data are among the sources of information used by MissionInsite.

For an additional fee, congregations can get even more specialized information such as current names and addresses of potential visitors to their churches. Learn more about this resource at

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