Field Outreach Ministers

Melissa Drake, the Field Outreach Minister in the Southwest District, invites churches to make connections with local leaders for the sake of ministry to the entire community.

In a recent newsletter article, she asked each congregation to identify one ministry focus outside the walls of the church that could be shared with other congregations for inspiration and encouragement. How “have our disciples been out transforming the world in a real, tangible way? Is it good news for the town that the church exists?”

She invited churches to seek out leaders in their area, “the volunteer fire department, the school superintendent and teachers, city council, local pre-schools, the county sheriff’s office, social workers, librarians” and others, to learn about their hopes and dreams for the community. “Imagine what kinds of relationships might spring up,” she continued, if we “went intentionally out of our way to become partners with our communities. Imagine what kinds of good news we might share” by noticing how God is already at work in our midst.

Field Outreach Ministers are a part of the Iowa Conference staff assigned to work with local communities of faith in each of our eight districts “to live into the mission of making disciples and transforming the world.”

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