Morningside College

Students returning to Morningside College this fall, or coming for the very first time, will find ways to connect to God through the campus ministries at the school. The mission of campus ministries at Morningside, which is an extension of our Iowa Conference priority of developing principled Christian leaders, is “to make possible relationship-based spiritual growth: upward (in relationship to God), inward (in relationship to self), and outward (in relationship to others).”

Bailee Keizer, a Religious Studies Major, first got involved with the praise and worship team. “It has really helped me to grow, both spiritually and emotionally.” The experience has given her friendships that feel like family. She has gotten involved in service projects and strengthened her relationship with God. By being involved, Bailee said, “I now have the perfect people in my life to help with my walk with Christ.”

Morningside College Campus Ministries engages students in faith-based opportunities such as worship, Bible study, and prayer groups. It also promotes awareness of peace and justice initiatives through organizations such as Bread for the World, Habitat for Humanity, Amnesty International, Church World Service, and the United Methodist Board of Church and Society.

Apportionment gifts from local churches help to support this ministry at Morningside College. Learn more at their website

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