Iowa-Nigeria Partnership

The Iowa-Nigeria Partnership helped to connect a dentist to people in need of free dental care. Dr. Albert Ahidenor, a Nigerian dentist, found out about the Iowa-Nigeria Partnership on the Internet and expressed interest in holding a dental clinic. The first clinic was in June, 2012 with over 75 persons being seen and treated. This year Dr. Ahidenor once again is providing a free clinic with the support of Iowa team members.

Conference apportionments help to support the Iowa-Nigerian Partnership (INP), which works with Nigerian church leaders as they plant new congregations in new places where villagers have not heard the word of God. From verbal witness to our Nigerian partners and non-verbal acts of expressing Christian love, we work to develop relationships and share in ministries to develop spiritual maturity in Nigerian United Methodist congregations.

Teams regularly travel from Iowa to Nigeria to maintain personal connections. Often on these trips various ministry supplies are delivered, including dental equipment donated by dentists who practice in Iowa. Advance Special gifts are also welcome to supplement what the conference budget can do. Contributions can come through your local church to the Conference Treasurer designated: INP, #230, Dental Clinic.

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