Commission on the Status and Role of Women

At 98-years-old, Fern Underwood received the Ambassador Award from the Commission on the Status and Role of Women at Annual Conference.

The Ambassador Award was created to recognize individuals who are committed to the full inclusion of women, especially those who are on the margins of the church and society. The award honors advocates who stand with women in the midst of their pain and joy, catalysts who inspire women to become leaders, and monitors who act to promote the involvement of women in every aspect of the Church.

Fern Underwood has served in her local church in Osceola as a Sunday school teacher for many years. She has taken her concern for children in poverty to a local trailer park to teach a Bible class beyond the walls of the church building.

She has been a frequent author throughout her life, including for the local newspaper. Her books have ranged in subject matter from biographies of local individuals to Christian stewardship and United Methodist history. Her women’s Bible study, The King’s Daughters, is meant to change the world for Jesus.

Her life has been an inspiration and encouragement for many, women and men alike. Fern Underwood embodies the ideals of COSROW’s Ambassador Award.

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