Northwest District Flooding

The United Methodist connection responded to flooding over  the Memorial Day weekend. When Cherokee Rural Water was shut off from the town of Galva, the Northwest District Disaster Response team was in touch the following Tuesday. They learned from the mayor that the city could use “as much drinking water as we could get.”

Kristin Boysen, the pastor of First United Methodist Church in Galva, relayed the message to the district office. She reports that “within minutes e-mails and Facebook messages were sent out that our community needed drinking water.”

“This day being connectional certainly made an impact on our small rural Iowa church.” Leaders in Galva had developed strong relationships with the United Methodist Church in Peterson through their involvement in the Healthy Small Church Initiative, which is supported in part through apportionments.

“Our friends from Peterson delivered a van load of drinking water in just a few hours to our church in Galva. And it was thanks to their generous donation that I as pastor was able to go door to door in the community offering the people all the drinking water they could use.”

“Praise be to God for connections and to the love of Christ being shown in very real ways around our District!”

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