Pictured Rocks Camp and Retreat Center

Camping experiences help young adults grow in their faith as they work with children and youth. Each year the summer camp staff at Pictured Rocks includes young people who are just emerging into adulthood. They get to explore their faith and hone leadership skills while enjoying God’s beautiful creation with energetic campers from all around eastern Iowa.

Fun is a recurring theme of camp. Lauren Foxwell was a frequent camper as a young person, who returned to Pictured Rocks as a counselor. “Working there tested my patience and really made me question how far I was willing to go to serve God.” Despite the challenges of the work, it “was by far the best summer I have had yet!”

Jordan Sprunger, who returns for a second season as a camp counselor, wrote about developing “new devotional habits [to] better understand my relationship with God.” Meeting new people is another highlight of the experience. “I am excited to work with the campers again and to see how God will work in the lives of both the staff and campers this summer.”

Learn more about the Pictured Rocks Camp and Retreat Center, a ministry supported with apportionment gifts from United Methodist churches across the state, at www.picturedrocks.org.

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