Committee on Ministerial Ethics

Church pastors gathered recently at district events to develop their communications skills for parish ministry. Karen A. McClintock, co-author of the book Healthy Disclosure and nationally known clinical psychologist, consulted with conference leaders from the Committee on Ministerial Ethics to organize the training, which was supported in part through apportionment gifts from local churches throughout the Iowa Conference.

“Information management is both a technical process and a spiritual undertaking. Leaders need the ability to spiritually discern, not just intellectually decide, the solutions to congregational dilemmas.”

Her book was distributed to all participants for them to read in preparation for the training. The author came to Iowa earlier this year to work with conference staff and record videos of her presentations that were used in the district events. Topics included discussion of information that is appropriately kept private as well as the various stages of disclosure that are important for maintaining proper respect for one another.

The events were well received. Participants left the training with practical ideas for nurturing healthy communication in their churches and communities. One pastor commented, “I wished I’d heard about this 20 years ago.”

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