Laity Day with Bishop Trimble

The United Methodist Church in Hampton will be hosting a day with Bishop Trimble for laity across the Iowa Conference on Saturday, April 6th.

The Great Commission of Jesus to the disciples, which is found in Matthew 28:16-20, will be the theme for the day. Bishop Julius C. Trimble will be discussing what it looks like to be a witness in today’s world as a disciple of Jesus Christ. There will be opportunities for interaction with the bishop as well as small group discussions.

Another focus for the day will be the Imagine No Malaria initiative, which helps to purchase mosquito nets to protect families from being bitten. Katie Dawson, coordinator of the Iowa Conference’s response to the effort, will update participants on our fundraising goals and offer suggestions for involving local churches.

The event will be simulcast to remote sites around the state with the help of the communications staff at the Iowa Conference Center. The Iowa Conference Board of Laity is sponsoring the day in part through apportionment gifts from local churches. Registration information is available at

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