Missional Transformation Process

Conference resources support local churches in developing their ministries for reaching others in the 21st century. The Missional Transformation Process provides an intentional, systematic way for congregations to embrace their future. The process is a two-year journey that assumes God is at work in the world and that the task of the church is to participate faithfully in what God is already doing.

Congregations who embark on the Missional Transformation Process are involved in a learning journey of spiritual depth and significance to discern and embody God’s mission anew. The Iowa Conference Committee on Parish Development, supported by Leadership Development Minister Scott Hibben and the eight district Field Outreach Ministers, underwrites and facilitates the intentional work of each church through the process.

Seven congregations were recognized last summer for completing the process: First UMC in Iowa Falls, First UMC in Marengo, St. Mark’s UMC in Iowa City, Malvern UMC, Strahan UMC, St. James UMC in Cedar Rapids, and Walker UMC.

The potential benefits of the process are numerous. Some that have been experienced by churches in Iowa include raising up and equipping new leaders as well as discovering new ways of reaching people for Christ in our communities. Visit the Missional Transformation Process webpage for more information.

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