Disaster Response Trailer

An emergency response team from Kentucky inspired a new ministry in the Iowa Conference. During the flood of 2010 the Kentucky team set up a shower trailer across the street from the Colfax United Methodict Church. The trailer provided modern sanitary shower facilities for both response team workers and the victims of the flood — an important part of the recovery effort.

Now Iowans will be able to provide a shower trailer ministry of their own. Volunteers will help transport and set up the equipment at disaster sites. They will be responsible for equipment maintenance and cleaning, operation of the washer and dryer, and logging of necessary statistics regarding use of the facilities. This Disaster Response Shower Trailer Team (DRSTT) will be a partner with the Emergency Response Team ministry of the Iowa Conference.

Trish Burket, the Disaster Response Coordinator for the Iowa Annual Conference, expressed her thanks to the United Methodist Church, who “has been our primary partner, financial backer, and facilitator. This shared ministry is made possible by the connectional nature” of the Church.

If you would like to be a trained and certified member of this ministry, or have questions concerning the responsibility of volunteers, call Duane Skidmore at (515) 674-4135 or Trish Burket at (515) 460-4892.

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