Conference Superintendents

Superintendents inspire church leaders by reflecting how God is at work in the world.

“One of the privileges of my position,” writes Brian Milford, superintendent of the Southwest District, “is that I get to hear those stories of transformed lives and communities. I stopped by one of our churches to join the Sunday morning worship celebration and a young man approaches me with tears in his eyes as he tells me how his life has been changed from having no direction to serving Jesus. He tells me he will never be the same again! And I believe him.

“Another church describes to me how they are now working with elementary school kids to mentor them in a reading program. Yet another describes the impact of a recent volunteer in mission trip on members of the congregation. Then I meet a woman whose house was reclaimed by United Methodists after the Missouri River flood and with tears in her eyes she says, ‘Thank You.’

“These experiences and stories are beyond measurement. They are priceless. They keep me going when I get discouraged. They refocus my energies on Christ and remind me why he is the hope of the world. Whenever we reach out in love, in the name and spirit of Christ, we are making a difference for the sake of the reign of God.”

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