Lake Okoboji Camp and Retreat Center

New outreach is being developed by using social media at the Lake Okoboji United Methodist Camp and Retreat Center.

Courtney Glienke, a ministry assistant for the camp, tells about the new Okoboji Campcast. The project is being produced by camp staff “interviewing people in ministry, friends of Okoboji, and important professionals in the camp community.” Through the podcast they are able to reach out to share what is happening at the camp with long-time supporters as well as people who are hearing about their ministry for the first time. “If you’d like to listen to it,” says Countney, “go to the iTunes Store and search for Okoboji Campcast.”

Facebook provides another venue for the camp to reach new people. The site has contact information, a map of how to find their facilities, and pictures and videos of activities there throughout the year. A search for Lake Okoboji U.M. Camp will link you to the page. Visitors are invited to “like” their page to get updates regularly about the ministry.

Apportionment gifts from United Methodist congregations across the state of Iowa help to support this camping ministry, one of three located in the Iowa Conference. As Courtney recently wrote in the Northwest District newsletter, “We’re definitely blessed to have such wonderful churches and friends!”

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