Central District Leadership Training

Laity and clergy gathered in Newton to reflect on the qualities of effective leaders with keynote speaker Dave Busiek.

The news director for KCCI-TV (and a member of Grace United Methodist Church in Des Moines) emphasized that “everyone is a leader.” Our attitudes, whether at work or in our churches, help to create a positive or negative atmosphere that affects others for good or ill. “You have the power to make this a miserable place,” he said, “but why not be a force for good.”

Busiek also highlighted the growing secularization, or perhaps disillusionment, in our society. Statistically, more than 15% of the population in the United States are “nones,” people who espouse no faith affiliation. “We need to figure out how to talk with people who aren’t coming to church.”

Following the keynote address, participants met in small groups sessions to discuss a variety of leadership opportunities and challenges in local churches. Topics included transforming a church meal into a mission, forming a faith group for persons struggling with addictions, and using social media as an outreach tool, among others.

The staff of the Central District, superintendent David Weesner, field outreach minister Karen Nelson, and district administrative secretary Wendy Lubkeman, were instrumental in planning the event, which was held on January 13, 2013 at First United Methodist Church in Newton.

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