Office of Pastoral Care and Counseling

Dr. Mary L. Fraser works with clergy in both therapeutic and theological reflection to care for the souls of United Methodist people in Iowa and the communities they serve.

As the director of the Office of Pastoral Care and Counseling, Dr. Fraser provides nearly 1,000 hours annually of clinical work with clergy, retreat experiences, and training opportunities. Spiritual development, family systems, substance abuse, and trauma recovery are among many topics explored with others in her work.

Apportionment gifts from the local churches of Iowa provide primary support for this ministry. As stated in the Iowa Conference Journal, the Office of Pastoral Care and Counseling works “with clergy, and in some instances churches, to increase self awareness, develop tools for resolving issues and conflicts that inhibit ministry, and create greater strength in leading through example.”

Their action plan for ministry reminds us that to “become a disciple requires putting on the cloak of Christ and also letting go of certain behaviors and points of view that collide with creating faith communities of love and justice.” Dr. Fraser’s professional training and life of faith merge together to offer a wealth of resources to help the United Methodist Church and its leaders live into the ministry of healing that Jesus offers to us and the world.

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