New City Ministries, Waterloo

A homeless woman and her three children received emergency housing in a local motel thanks to your apportionment giving. Janice, whose name has been changed to protect her privacy, was abused by her husband. Her appliances were destroyed in her home, and then she was robbed of her medications and food. In desperation, she had been camping in a local park with only a tent to shelter her family. The last straw was being kicked out of the park.

Since its beginning, New City Ministries has been committed to be “the hands of the Church on the streets of our community.” Your gifts helped with rent, gas and food cards, laundry money, medications, water bills, mattresses for beds, and utilities for over 100 individuals and families in the past year. New City Director, the Rev. Maureen Doherty, writes that “each story is a person needing hope, a prayer, and a hand” – like Janice.

New City Ministries works with other agencies and gathers information from clients to provide the best assistance possible. At the same time they work with neighbors, church partners, and community organizations to help resolve the underlying causes of poverty, hunger, unemployment, and substandard housing.

United Methodist Church grants from Community and Institutional Ministries and Matthew 25 funds help New City Ministries respond to each person with the love Christ.

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