Hispanic Ministry, Broadway United Methodist Church, Council Bluffs

The Broadway United Methodist Church in Council Bluffs recently celebrated its sixth anniversary of Hispanic Ministry, which was begun with the support of apportionment gifts from local churches across Iowa.

The congregation has a mission to be “ever seeking, serving, and growing as the family of God with unconditional love and acceptance.” This sense of purpose led them to reach out in new ways to Latinos in their area with the leadership of their associate pastor, Rubén Mendoza.

The congregation worships in Spanish. They have small groups to serve the needs of men, women, children, and youth. In addition, their ministries have brought people together from different parts of Latin America and offered opportunities for cultural celebrations, such as the quinceañera, a celebration of a girl’s fifteenth birthday.

The church building is located in the heart of Council Bluffs, and Hispanic members participate in the outreach activities of the congregation “in the heart of the city with a heart for the city.”

Pastor Mendoza summarized the blessings of ministry with the Broadway congregation when he wrote, “These years in ministry have been the most important in my life and I thank God for always supporting us.” Learn more at their website www.broadwayunitedmethodist.com.


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