Iowa Wesleyan College, Mount Pleasant

Iowa Wesleyan College was recently recognized nationally for its emphasis on community service as it trains and develops young leaders.

The Washington Monthly ranked 352 colleges offering bachelor’s degrees. Iowa Wesleyan ranked sixth overall in institutional commitment to service, placing it in the top two percent nationally. The college ranked 18th nationally in the category of student service participation and hours served, placing it in the top six percent of colleges. The magazine noted that “students at our best colleges are taught by example and design to look beyond themselves and give back.”

For more than 40 years, all Iowa Wesleyan students have been participated in service projects. More recently, service-learning has been built into the curriculum, increasing the variety of service projects each student is involved in while linking service with academic course content.

“There are many college ranking systems, but this one focuses on how well colleges serve not just students, but the public good,” said Iowa Wesleyan College President Jay Simmons. “Iowa Wesleyan’s achievement as one of the top colleges in the country in such a measure recognizes our long-standing commitment to service and to meeting the needs of a wide variety of students.”

Iowa Wesleyan College is affiliated with and supported by the Iowa Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church.

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