Iowa School for Lay Ministry

Dave Decker, the new Lay Leader for the Iowa Conference, was prepared for his new role in part through his studies in the Iowa School for Lay Ministry.

His classes began at Morningside College in 2004, where the School for Lay Ministry has one of its three sites throughout the state of Iowa. Four weekends each year were dedicated to classes that introduced students to a variety of topics about the United Methodist Church and our beliefs and practices. The intensive three-year “experience gave me confidence in what I had to offer others.”

By 2008 he had become the District Lay Leader in the North Central District, which also began his work with the Conference Board of Laity as a representative from the district. Now, in 2012, he has begun his service as our Conference Lay Leader. He credits the knowledge he received from the School for Lay Ministry with enabling his to “deepen my faith and my love for Jesus Christ.”

The Iowa School for Lay Ministry is supported in part by apportionment dollars given by local churches throughout the state, which help to underwrite expenses beyond what student fees cover.

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