Hillcrest Family Services, Dubuque

Maria Wiblin, a deacon in the United Methodist Church of Iowa, is a chaplain for Hillcrest Family Services based in Dubuque. Matthew 25 funds from Iowa Conference apportionments given by local churches help to support her work as an extension of local church ministry. Last spring at a Lenten service one young woman was reminded of the pain that Jesus endured to help her cope with the suffering in her own life.

Rev. Wiblin was preaching about Jesus being tempted by the devil in the desert. ”He knows our struggles, our hurts, and our pains.”  The young woman timidly raised her hand and in a very soft voice said, “but did he ever face rape?” As the chaplain visited with this young woman, she began to understand that Jesus could feel her pain because of his own suffering on the cross. God in Jesus Christ would never ever leave her.

Hillcrest staff member Carol Jefferson writes, “Hillcrest Family Services is more than just (a helping) agency.  It is a ministry of the United Methodist Church. It is a ministry that believes everyday the words of Matthew 25. It is because of  your valuable support that Hillcrest Family Services continues as a  ministry.”

Visit Hillcrest Family Services to learn more about the satellite ministries of the agency throughout the state of Iowa that live out the teachings of Jesus to care for the needs of others as a sign of God’s love for the world.

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